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1 min read

Your Right to Meal Breaks


Under the current strain of short staffing across QLD Health Facilities and private facilities,  NPAQ is aware of...

2 min read

2022 Nursing and Midwifery Summit

3 min read

Nurses Can Claim These 5 Things as Tax Deductions

Tax time is the biggest, ugliest frog in the financial year. So it makes sense to dig in and get it out of the way...

4 min read

Bundaberg nurse ABC Article -The right of reply

Published by the ABC on 24 May 2022 was this article Bundaberg Hospital nurse administered medication to a patient...

1 min read

Health Practitioner Survey

"Health Matrtyyswters: Why are nurses and healthcare workers not a priority?"

Health Matters:  Why are Nurses and...

1 min read

International Day Against Bullying in Nursing and Midwifery - 19 May

💙19 May is International Day Against Bullying in Nursing and Midwifery 💙
President Marg Gilbert had the...
3 min read

Health Check!!  How are you feeling?

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting significant psychological pressure on all health care workers.  Unprecedented demand...

2 min read

COVID-19 guidance for nurses & midwives

Recently AHPRA published guidance on COVID-19 in response to the challenging circumstances and announced some changes...

1 min read

Duty of care to isolate / quarantine with COVID-19

Members have contacted us with concerns about recent updates to health directions where they have tested Covid...

3 min read

Nurses and Healthy Eating

Too often nurses have no time for a break, never mind the headspace for meal planning.  Skipping meals during long...

3 min read

Financial Stress

Tips to deal with the health impacts of financial stress

If financial stress is impacting your health and...

2 min read

Top 10 tips for coping with short staffing

These days, nearly everyone faces staffing challenges. We hope with these creative tips you will be better prepared to...

1 min read

Caboolture hospital exposed

You may have heard that we have had distressing reports from members at Caboolture Hospital in relation to patient...

4 min read

Your Health: Managing Stress



To say there is a lot going on at the moment in Australian health services is a big understatement!  We’re hearing...

2 min read

Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines

As the deadline for aged-care workers to be vaccinated gets closer (17th September 2021), we are aware that there are...

2 min read

Help!!  I’ve lost my motivation

Most of us have moments where we are unmotivated. Sometimes we are aware of it, while other times it creeps up on us...

2 min read

How to improve morale on your ward

If you’ve ever worked in a place with low morale, you know first-hand the effect it had on your productivity and your...

1 min read

Wage Theft

Wage theft is the denial of wages or employee benefits rightfully owed to an employee and it is now a criminal offense...

1 min read

Support & Disciplinary Meetings

Working in nursing or midwifery can expose you to allegations of poor performance or misconduct, which may result in...

1 min read

Assaults Against Nurses and Healthcare workers

Over the past five years, the number of physical assaults and violence against nurses has continued to rise.  At...

1 min read

Health Contact Centre staff left in the dark

Department of Health business case for
significant change: Phase 1

On 9 April 2021, Dr John Wakefield Director-General...

1 min read

New branch secretary for the Royal Brisbane Hospital

Introducing Jean Halpin, NPAQ Branch Secretary for the Royal Brisbane Hospital.


Jean has been a Registered Nurse for...

1 min read

New Branch Secretary for Gold Coast Private Hospital

Introducing Melissa Ball, NPAQ Branch Secretary for the Gold Coast Private Hospital.


Melissa received her first...

2 min read

Graduate Nurses seeking placement

By Phill Tsingos, NPAQ Treasurer

I receive many emails from new nurses anxious and disheartened by their inability to...

2 min read

Untold stories of Aboriginal Queensland nurses or midwives from the 1890s to 1950s.


An investigation into the hidden histories of Aboriginal nurses and midwives is the focus of a new research project.

2 min read

QNMU litigation against NPAQ

NPAQ recently received a letter of demand from QNMU’s lawyer regarding our advertising and our lawyers have replied...

1 min read

NPAQ take aim at bullying in QLD Hospitals

NPAQ has taken aim at the Townsville Hospital and Health Service for what it believes is a “systematic” and...

2 min read

Welcome NPAQ Branch Secretaries


NPAQ has been busy onboarding new Branch Secretaries and Delegates throughout QLD. 


We would like to introduce...

2 min read

National Taskforce issues guidance on CPR during the pandemic

Healthcare workers and trained first aid responders are being urged not to delay commencing cardiopulmonary...

1 min read

EB11 Postponed


A lot has happened this year, there’s no denying that. Part of what we were looking forward to this year was...

1 min read

PPE Fit Testing in QLD Hospitals


Last week NPAQ’s State Secretary spoke to ABC about the importance of PPE fit testing for nurses after discovering...

2 min read

How are we dealing with COVID-19?


NPAQ encourages all our members, at all times, to keep your knowledge around COVID 19 up to date.

You may not be...

1 min read

In this village people with dementia can stay independent


If anyone were able to wander in off the street at the Korongee Village in Tasmania, everything would seem both...

1 min read

Rockhampton Nurse Cleared Of All Allegations


On 27 May 2020, our President, Phill Tsingos went public to defend our Rockhampton member who was being thrown...

1 min read

COVID-19 Testing


Last week the Australian Medical Association QLD (AMAQ) survey revealed:

-          That medics fear that patients...

1 min read

AHPRA silence health professionals


On 2 September AHPRA released a statement reminding health practitioners to be aware of their obligations on Social...

3 min read

Say what they will - the truth is on our side


We have certainly become a thorn in the side to the QNMU and the Labor Government they support. Because they charge...


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PPE Crisis - NPAQ has a solution


Since starting the petition, the NPAQ has been contacted by two suppliers who are able to provide N95 masks, COVID-19 testing kits and hand sanitiser.

We have still heard nothing from the Health Minister...


Rockhampton Nurse Exonerated

Now here is the good news. We have been advised that our member has been completely exonerated.

- At all times she acted under management instructions.

- She breached no workplace protocols.

- She did not cause the death of the young man in Blackwater.

- She did not lie as she was accused by the Deputy Premier.

- She was not reckless and dishonest as accused in the media by the local Labor Member, Brittany Lauger MP.

In short, she was set up for political purposes and made a scapegoat of, which is disgraceful. She is owed a public apology by the QLD Government.

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